No. 33 Cramer Street

No. 33 Cramer Street is a townhouse project in Melbourne’s inner northern suburb of Preston, designed and built by Tailor in collaboration with Kin. Kin was involved in exploring the concept of a smart home for Townhouse 1 and Townhouse 2, seeking to seamlessly integrate smart home technology while maintaining a sophisticated, simple design.

The exterior and interior spaces of each home form part of a cohesive plan, aided by an intuitive layout and subtle technology touches such as automated blinds, smart lighting, security, and an adaptive heating and cooling schedule that helps to manage the energy consumption of each home.

At the heart of the design are the basics of good domestic architecture: an abundance of light, consistent ventilation, an ergonomic floor plan, and a natural flow of space between the living, dining, utility, and bedroom areas. The living areas of Townhouse 1 and 2 are oriented to the north to maximize daylight, while west-facing windows are minimized to prevent overheating.

Location: Preston, Victoria

Dwellings: 10 Townhouses

Status: Completed – August 2016