No. 5 Salmon Street

No. 5 Salmon Street is a collection of ten townhouses in the established suburb of Mentone, featuring contemporary architectural design. Each townhouse is designed to take advantage of cross-breezes, natural sunlight, and intelligent orientation in accordance with passive design principles, reducing energy consumption and costs.

Townhouse 5, driven by passionate owners, went a step further by installing solar PV panels to minimize their carbon footprint. Their solar PV system is also electric car-ready, in anticipation of the shift towards electric vehicles.

The homes are also designed with practicality in mind, with ample storage space and well-thought-out layouts that maximize the use of space. Outside, the townhouses feature private outdoor areas, perfect for entertaining or relaxing. All of these features come together to create a desirable and comfortable living environment, while also minimizing the environmental impact of the homes.

Location: Mentone, Victoria

Dwellings: 10 Townhouses

Status: Completed – September 2017