No. 37 Cramer Street

No. 37 Cramer Street is a unique development that reimagines townhouse living by flipping the traditional concept on its head. The development consists of 21 3-storey reverse living dwellings with north-facing balconies. The design combines contemporary and practical elements, such as an impressive outlook from the upper floor, privacy from the busy main road, and an abundance of natural light in the living areas. The position of the windows and sliding doors also allows for passive heating and cooling throughout the year.

To further enhance the energy efficiency of the dwellings, a motorized exterior shading system was included in the design. This allows the occupants to adjust to changing summer and winter temperatures and sun angles throughout the year. Overall, the design of No. 37 Cramer Street creates a comfortable and sustainable living environment for its residents.

Location: Preston, Victoria

Dwellings: 21 Townhouses

Status: Completed – May 2020