No. 23 Jean Street

No. 23 Jean Street is a collection of five townhouses located in Cheltenham, a gentrified suburb in Melbourne’s Bayside. The townhouses were designed and built by Tailor, in collaboration with Kin, with a focus on compact spaces and a well-thought-out interior. The goal was to provide occupants with a comfortable home with low running costs.

Townhouse 1 and Townhouse 5 were fitted with solar PV panels for renewable electricity generation. By incorporating solar PV, better insulation, and a compact design, we were able to achieve a star rating of 9.0 stars for both townhouses.

The building materials used at No. 23 Jean Street were carefully chosen to minimize the environmental impact of construction. Recycled and locally-sourced materials were used wherever possible, and the homes were built to energy-efficient standards, with high levels of insulation and airtight construction to reduce energy consumption.

Together, these features make No. 23 Jean Street a model of sustainable residential living, designed to provide comfortable, affordable homes that minimize their environmental footprint.

Location: Cheltenham, Victoria

Dwellings: 5 Townhouses

Status: Completed – August 2017