No. 110 Albert Street

No. 110 Albert Street is the first project by Brian Chua, driven by sustainable design and affordability. The townhouses were designed with the main living areas facing north, maximizing natural light and space, rather than the conventional east-west orientation.

One of the main challenges of this site was the excessive road noise from Albert Street. To address this, additional insulation was added to act as a sound barrier and provide extra comfort for the occupants, while also reducing heating and cooling costs. Another design decision was to place the traditional living areas on the second floor for townhouses 2 to 4. This provided extra privacy, a view to the north, and a low-maintenance lifestyle for the occupants.

To make the townhouses more accessible to first-time homebuyers, they were deliberately sold at under market prices. The townhouses were snapped up within two weeks of their launch.

Location: Preston, Victoria

Dwellings: 5 Townhouses

Status: Completed – August 2015